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CPT was established in 2019 by Chloe Parslow; Chloe worked alongside Dan and the V2 Fit crew at their St Marys location for 18 months before opening a second location in Kent Town which is when CPT became legit.


At CPT patient care is our biggest priority. We offer 30 or 60 minute consultations that gives us more time and an opportunity to fully understand the entire picture of a presentation. Having time allows us to address and educate our clients on all of the factors that might be contributing to their pain, dysfunction and overall movement patterns. 


We love to work with our clients to improve the overall way they move, cope and perform not only in the gym but within their daily life and are passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals and move at their best. 


With experience with clientele ranging from elite athlete to weekend warrior; CPT offers physiotherapy care and service via hands on therapies, dry needling, exercise rehab, assessment and client education at both Kent Town and St Mary’s locations. 

Come by the precinct pre or post treatment and check out the amazing team we work alongside; grab a coffee at Octeine or come try a sweat session with the V2 crew.

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