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M E E T   T H E   T E A M

CPT physiotherapists located in-house at V2 Fit Kent Town and St Marys.



Chloe is the founder of CPT and in-house physiotherapist of

V2 Fit.


Chloe has always had a huge passion for health and the human body and her studies in physiotherapy have only solidified this passion. 


Since graduating, Chloe has worked with multiple sporting teams, including working as Junior physiotherapist at North Adelaide Football Club for 7 years which enhanced her overall passion for sports and musculoskeletal physio.


Chloe has now found her home at V2 Fit and loves working with motivated people who are invested in becoming better and improving the way their body moves, copes and performs. 

She's very hands on in her approach - none of that in and out in 15 minutes stuff and prides herself on taking time with every client to fully understand the clients whole story and the way the body moves as a whole. 


You'll see her floating around both V2 FIT locations St Mary's and Kent Town.

0437 922 268



Rosie has a passion for all things physio and helping people to keep moving at their best.


With experience working in private practice and along side sporting teams around Adelaide Rosie has developed a keen interest in sport and active individuals.


Rosie understands the importance of keeping strong and mobile and is a big believer in client empowerment and helping clients to achieve their goals and function at their best. Rosie loves to work with her clients to ensure they can safely keep active and moving and adapt workouts around injuries (rest is not always best).

You’ll find Rosie floating between both V2 FIT locations Kent Town and St Marys.

0417 373 000



Connor joins the team at CPT having completed his Masters in Physiotherapy.


His recent experience working across Private Practice, In-patient settings and with local sports teams has made Connor particularly passionate about restoring pain free movement across the life span, injury rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance. 


Having trained at a high level across multiple sports, Connor is eager to bring his knowledge of movement, injuries and sport specific training to the clinic. 


When not behind a barbell or on the rugby field you’ll find Connor floating between both V2 FIT locations, Kent Town and St Marys.

0437 922 268

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